4days continuous vacation

I took off on Thu and Fri with pay to be just relax at home. I don’t go out side and stay at home to put the precious egg on myself. These days I spend time like after I quite job then I feel that I can adjust this time schedule.
I really wanna have a baby this time. I really really hope that we can be parents. My husband prays at shrine after his job almost everyday, I hope his kindness makes us happy.
This step-up treatment was taught us that my egg and husband sperm doesn’t go along well. Ours needs artificial assistance for having a baby. I am a bit glad to know the cause of not having a baby by AIH.

Anyway if we cannnot have a baby this time, I quit my job and do job at home and concentrate myself infertile.
The result of my pregnancy test will be opened in two weeks, I cannot wait..

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