Date with my hasband in Kuramae

I love Kuramae! The main food the restaurant we went is a kind of special brown rice with some side dishes. We wanted fish or meat dish but all sold out so we had only some small one. After then, we went to the furniture shop and stationary shop. We can make original note books from parts. Choose front and back covers and also inside paper too. The inside paper can be changed at the store. so we can use the covers for years 🙂 This is a great thing, isnt’t it? I made a notebook for next year! I’m ganna use it with caution.
Then we moved to Asakusabashi sta. by walk and went to Kinshicho to watch futsal game. It was very fun I wanna watch it again. I saw Powrplay in aroud last 5min. This is a two-edged-blade. Keeper become field player witout keep their goal. I cannot explain in English in detail but it was fun. Next time, i wanna watch pro league!
Then we moved to Manga cafe and spent 4hours! I read library-war but the series haven’t finished yet although the original has finished already. I have to go there again to see Dojyo——

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