Devil Man

Devil Man was my favorite animation when I was child. I knew that it was remaked and animation is much better than before I prefer old style though. I love their theme song. When I look back, it seems like I prefer sad melody line. Anyway I was shocked that the devil is hero in the animation and devil fight againt evil. Suddendly their theme song struck me when I was taking a shower and as soon as I get out of bath, I checked it at Youtube 🙂 That is awsome.

Tomorrow is my hospital day.
I have to leave my office earlier around 15:30 and to go hospital. My happy probably comes home earlier so we can have a dinner together. He will be on business trip from Wed again so I want to spent my time with him as much as possible.
What do I ask for this time’s souvenier?? Japanese cracker? oh my, I realized that I am totally hungry.

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