Finally I did it!

I’ve been getting infertility treatment for 3 years and I finally did it!
I am pregnant for 2 months. It just 2 months but this is a great one step for me.
A medical examination is once a week and everytime I am very nervous about seeing the growth of my baby I wonder if something bad thing happens to us or not… Every the day before a examination I cannot sleep well, feel sick and wake up earlier than usual. I don’t realize but probably I am so nervous.
Today the womb hurts so much and I have a heavy menstrual discharge. What symptom is this…?
Last time I had a brown menstrual discharge, I had a heavy menstrual discharge before it.. oh my god, scared..

I’ve been taking leave from beginning of Oct and I am supposed to be back in Dec.
But I was supposed to return in Nov but… I am going to ask my company to expand the period until end of Nov.
I feel really sorry to my coworkers but but but my priority no.1 is keeping the baby in health until giving a birth. I worry that I should quit my job before going on maternity leave in order not to cause my coworkers more troubles.. If I go on maternity leave, my company cannot hire new person but If I quit, they can hire new person and my coworkers can take over my jobs. sorry again to everyone for my baby.


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