Happy days

Today I woke up at 10am and booked Hotel by Rakuten for Kyoto trip after Yoshi’s wedding. Then went to Yoga and got Subway sandwitches then went to home. After eating it, I cleaned up rooms and wiped floors.
These days I am so into making tasty coffee at my home. Yesterday I went to Union coffee in Kappabashi where has various coffee stuff, pot, Hario server and milk whip machine etc. Amazing! The taste is seriously different from Coffee machine one.
Coffee machine is a bit sour and doenst’t feel beans taste well. But Hario manial coffee’s taste is mild but can feel beans taste very well. This is really amazing. I want to try a flannel filter next time. Mom used to make a coffee by it and she said the taste is also very good. We found that we can go Kappabashi by bus without transfer and fare is much cheaper than using train 🙂 Bus is not crowded. It must be best way to go Asakusa. Also Asakusa has many ceramic wholesale stores. Some stores is very stylish and modern. They are a bit expensive but it’s ganna take much money if I would go to Mashiko in Tochigi pre to buy ceramic items by rental car. so I begin to wonder that buying them at Kappabashi is more effective. Anyway, I want to know tips to make tasty coffee even more! Probably I could buy suitable coffee mugs for home coffee next time.
Someday I want to treat my coffee to my friends at my home when I have a baby in the near future 🙂

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