I wanna do something new

I want to do something new thing which I never have done before. We are plannning to go Korea in July and if we could achieve his target, we will go to Toronto where we used to live in a short period. We go to rainbow theater, eaton center, Tim horton and may be Toront tower (I didn’t go there!) too. We didnt’t know each other when we were there but we lived very near area and probably passed by in somewere. I am really excited to look around Toront downtown with him together.

This summer, I wanna go revier and enjoy BBQ with my friends somewere in Minakami. We can stay at small guest house and sleep at one room everyone together lika a students camp. A few years ago, we went to river but at the time no kids. Now total four kids are our members and it is getting more exciting 🙂
I wanna have a baby too.

Also I need to loose my weight as much as possible. I try to finish dinner before 19:00 on weekdays and have a big breakfast next morning. I cannot have a result quikly but gradually is totally ok. I keep doing on my diet and want to achieve my target weight someday.
If I could get a figure I am satisfied, I feel like I can have a confidence for me. I wanna have a confidence.

Oh, I have to buy Toront metro budges!!!! Also, I want to buy Yoga wear on the king street.
There many many places we have memories. Toront is fantastic for us.

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