Library wars in Meguro cinema

I went to Meguro cinema with my co-workers to see Library wars!!! The movie was finished in usual theaters but it is played only this week in Meguro cinema 🙂 I believe it is kind of our luck to see Okada-kun in the movie begore releasing their DVD. We are totally into the original novels and crazy about it. Thus The God let me find a sports bra at crossover bridge and inform me that the movie will be go on again for us to see Okada-kun. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

It wasn’t completed the whole novel story but it seems like it will be issued sequel story like love story.
Before that, we have to go to see ” Eien no Zero” in Dec 2013. I hope until then I’m going to have a baby..
I forgot to take antibiotics completely.. Oh my god.

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