New iphone5s

Finally I changed to iphone5s Yay! Internet runs so smoothly and feel so good!
This morning I went to Hair salon –> iphone change –> Nail salon –> My friend’s house for dinner. I had a very productive day.

I took PM off with my co-worker and saw [Eien no zero] at a preview!!! Our seat were on the extremely left on 2nd floor but still Okada-kun made us so crazy. The movie had almost same story as the novel and so good. We had been crying since the movive started till end. We couldn’t help crying to see it because we are very impressed the original novel.
Also when we left the preview place, we met Mr.Yamazaki, director of this movie. We shook hands with him and his hands were so soft.. like a baby! We also met Mr.Hyakuta writer of this novel but we couldn’t get his autograph.. oh, I should have said something nifty thing..

after all, my period came again. I feel even more keenly that my body is not ready yet for pregnant. I just have to adjust my body for this year. I defenitely adjust and make my body for pregnant!

Next clinic appointment is 13th or 14th. But this is 11th from period so I think it is too early. I really cannot believe the doctors in the hospital. they never answer my questions emopathetically at all. they never worry their patients they just want to see more patiens and want more money. If I could be pregant, I never go there when we want to 2nd baby.

After long absense, I had a makeup lesson. I learned how to make turn down eyes and shiny base. I like it.
Next is last lesson and I am going to ask how to use lip pensil and eye lush. oh, I need to make a resevation.

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