I was not able to make up my mind which pearl necklace I should buy today. I fully understand that Mikimoto and Tasaki is good quality and probably they provide after-sales care service as well but expensive to my budget now. Tiffany’s price is good for me about half price of Mikimoto and Tasaki but it is not natural pearl. I can’t decide what I should buy today and I decided to keep saving 500yen more strictly. I am going to think about pearl around next winter again.
I am listening radio now. I really think I did the right shopping seriously. The Bluetooth speaker has also radio fanction and it seems like I use radio much more than Bluetooth, I wanted listen music by bluetooth though. The good point of radio is I dont need to see a monitor. thus I can do something else over listening music or someone’s talk. DJ delivers me various musics or information which I may not able to know if I dont liesten it. So radio gives me something new staff. Radio is great.

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