Recent days

The main things that has kept me busy was getting organized and I need to prepare for moving now.
I need to organize a lot of unneccesary paper.
Yesterday I met my friend and her kids and we enjoyed shopping and spendng really good time. She is talkative but really cute and so adrable. This is not flattary, she is so cute compare with other kids. After After saying good-bye to my friends, I realized I lost my cell somewhere. I remember that I used my phone the last was at the outside corner we had coffee. And I went to information then luckly my phone was took to another information center and I could have it but almost 30min was passed since I said good-bye to them… It was waste of time. But still I dont understand how my cell was dropped from my pants..umm

We are plannning to stay a nigt at hotel and have a garden BBQ at near Narita hotel with friends in June or July.
It will be difficult to adjust everyone’s schedule but I try to organize and want to have a great lady’s day. I am exicited now!!!

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