Shopping with my husband in Harajyuku & Aoyama

Today is sunny day and we went out for shopping to look around my swimming wear!! Next week I will go to a pool with my friends so I went out to find new swim wear. The last one I bought was about 5 years ago.. I cannot wear it anymore. I marked Kariang’s one down since I’ve seen it in website. I wanted the short pants also but the same color with swim wear was sold out there but it is only one left in Shibuya shop but I didn’t want to move to there so I give it up and decided to be on diet until next week. My thigh is getting bigger and bigger and it is hard to see it without a short pants now but two weeks diet gives me some good effect to my thigh hopefully..

Also I met a shop stuff she usually works in Osaka but she is in Tokyo for three months. I thought I saw her face but I couldn’t remember at the time but I noticed that I saw her in Kariang web. I always thought she is small, slim and so cute and the real was of course cute!! I may change my hair color to much more dark like her.
I believe the shortest way to be a girl like Kariang stuff is copying favorite stuff initially and later try to add my original. I want to enjoy fashion so let’s start a diet and copying stuffs and original will be added later!!!!

So, I go to swimming now. see you then.

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