Tokyo Skytree with Mom

I went to Skytree with Mom last weekend finally. She wanted to go there to check “Moonmie shop” but it was much smaller than we expected but we got a lot of stuff ^^ I bought a mug of Mi for mom as her late birthday present. I want her to use it every morning with coffee. I also checked much larger Moomine shop in Nikotama I waana go there soon. We had Sushi lunch in Soramachi which was kinda expensive but mom treated me, thanks mom 😉 Then we went to Planetarium which I’ve been wanted to go since I was in Toronto. I went to there in Toronto but I wasn’t impressed it unfortunately. The Soramachi planetarium has three different stories depends on show time. 20:00 and 21:00 has Hearling planetarium I want to see it with my hasdand.

We talked about Trip. we’ve been wated to go Italy for three years. I wened to there two years ago as honeymoon so I feel a bit guilty… If I had a baby we cannnot go there at least 5 years. so I think this is the time to go in this year.
I want to have a baby but also I want to have a lot of memory with mom before she gets older. I can easily expect it will be very tough trip and be upset many times but 10 or 20 years later it will be a good memory defenitely.

I love you, mom.

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