Too much overtime work

My overtime work for this month is over 40 hours. It may unsurprise number for other people but for me honestly too much.
Of course I can have overtime money but I want to have more private time with my habby. He is on business trip half of month so the time he is in Tokyo has to be precious. But I surely expect that our team is going to be much busier than this month as new system will be started. I am scared.
By the way, it seems like spring is coming soon. It gets warmer, I feel like to go out and want to enjoy outdoor stuff.
This summer I want to go music fes like summer sonic or Fuji rock. I may ask to go for the music boy 🙂
Oh-oh, I have to complete an application of fun club of ARAHI earlier. Have to pick up one of member for my favorite on an apprication form which will be submitted to post officer. She will be known my favotire is Jun Matsumoto.

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