Women’s clinic

I left my office earlier and went to women’s clinic. Although the time a doctor spent to me was only 3min but I waited about 45min at waiting room. How ridicurous it is everytime. I am going to take a medicine once a day at night after dinner from tomorrow for 5days. And revisit the clinic 10days later before Korean trip. I hope next visit will be the day we return from Korea on 18th. We will arrive at Narita around 12pm so probably I can visit before 5pm which hours is not so crowed. I really hope we can see a baby. I went to my brother’s new-build house this weekend with my hasband by train and we met nephews after all the time. Older nephew will be 6 years next Feb and he is fully grown man 🙂 He knows well about trains and subways and he explained about it to us. It was so cute and we are also surprised that he is so mature. He tried to drink “coffee” alghough he couldn’t finish it but still cute.
I want to have a baby like him 🙂

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