I work so much, so much. this month’s my overtime will be over 60 deifenitely. As my hasband says, this is not my style. This is not the time to spend all my time to my job. We want a baby and I have to maintain my body condition in good for it.
This month I somohow made a time to go the clinic, sometime I was late and waited so long. this is really waste of time..
I totally understand now is far from the situation I was promised in the beginning. Shu asked me to appeal this is not promised-condition but I cannot say it in this crazy busy situation.. Most of people works till 10 or 11 and very tired. How can I say I want to leave office on time because it is promised-condition. But I have to realized that working until 23 is relly really crazy situation even though any crazy situation is happened. Our upper class people have to protect us.

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